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Driving Value with Knowledge

As Sir Francis Bacon long ago observed – aptly we think – “Knowledge is power.”  After all, it is the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge that enables sound decision making, stimulates creativity, fosters innovation, and drives progress.

With this blog, the attorneys in the Segal McCambridge warranty and service contract practice group have created a place where professionals in these fields can obtain and share knowledge that leads to program innovation and improvement, which in turn will drive value. 

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On the Horizon – Illinois Appellate Court to Review Product Buy-Back Claim

Janis v. Workhorse Custom Chassis, a consumer product breach of warranty case, is heading to the Illinois Appellate Court.  There, the court will examine whether warranty disclaimers in a sales contract prevent a dissatisfied buyer from suing to force the seller to buy back the product – and, more importantly, may rid Illinois jurisprudence of the, shall we say, “curious” Blankenship decision.  Continue reading


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Keys to a Successful Warranty Program – Part 1

A successful warranty program advances a manufacturer’s fundamental goals of achieving and sustaining profitable sales. 

As an outside attorney who has counseled companies on factory and extended warranty programs and defended warranty litigation for over two decades, it’s clear to me that successful programs share two critical traits:

  1. The smartest programs have freed themselves from traditional thinking that warranty is nothing more than a profit-draining cost center.
  2. The most successful programs have an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction through top-level customer service.   Continue reading

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Illinois Proposes Expansion of “Service Contract” Definition

Illinois legislators have proposed an amendment to the Illinois Service Contract Act which would expand the definition of “service contract” to include contracts for a wide array of motor vehicle maintenance-related service.  Illinois House Bill 1460, formally titled the Motor Vehicle Ancillary Products Act, signals the continued evolution the Illinois Service Contract Act, Continue reading

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