Really dude, pennies?


A dealer screws up, and the service contract company pays … at least on the PR front. A manager of a car dealership who “forgot” to write in that the service contract sold to a foreign student did not cover labor charges was ordered to pay a refund … he gave it to the customer in pennies. 

One can only wonder what Mr. Di Miranda, who “runs the dealership,” was thinking when he did this. In today’s climate — social media, 24-second news cycle — a stunt like this is bound to be reported and looks bad not only for this and all car dealers, but for the service contract industry also. In large part, the retailer is the face of the service contract industry. So when a retailer goes out of its way to antagonize a customer, it reflects badly on the companies that supply the product it’s selling.

And instead of being contrite for the sophmoric stunt, the retailer compounded his “bad” behavior by characterizing his initial error — not noting that the contract did not cover labor on the contract — which set everything in motion, as a “loophole” the customer used to get out of the deal.

With friends like this …


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