Odds and ends in the world of warranty

notes Some interesting notes about the goings on in the warranty business.

surgeonVirginia Mason Hosp. & Med. Cntr., Seattle, now offers a surgical warranty for total joint replacement involving hips and knees. The warranty covers diagnosis, surgery and rehab costs. It does not cover device failure.


Vehicle extended warranty rates offered by agencies across the country are now available online. The web portal uses a car buyer’s zip code to match providers in the area.

Orwell tips for writingThis tale from Singapore make the case for plain language extended warranties — and would be count 1 in a class action compliant if it happened in the US.


wind turbine

From the wind energy sector:  To drive sales of its high performance wind turbine gear oil, ExonMobile Fuels & Lubricants is offering a 5 year warranty guaranteeing the effective working life of the wind turbine gearbox.
international logoReduced warranty expense is a major key to Navistar’s marked improvement in performance. According to CEO Troy Clarke, “Warranty spending is coming down, and it is coming down for the right reasons. The trucks we have fixed are staying fixed.”


tranquilityExtended warranty coverage labeled a “waste of money,” along with mortgage insurance, balance protection insurance, and door-to-doors sales items. The article says that “Consume Reports recommends against buying extended warranty coverage.” Not so fast. CR recognizes that service contracts provide real value by minimizing risk and providing consumer peac of mind. Heck, it even offers smart-buying tips.

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