GWSCA President, Paul Wojcicki: Moving GWSCA Forward

GWSCA LogoIn a much less contentious election than many of us have been focused on recently, I have been selected to serve as President of the Global Warranty and Service Contract Association. Many readers of Driving Value are already familiar with this organization, but for those who may not be, GWSCA is a non-profit organization focused on the warranty and service contract community.  To unite these professionals, GWSCA provides programs, resources and services geared toward developing and enhancing the knowledge, capabilities and performance of those so closely tied to this industry, be it as individuals or as an organization. In this way, GWSCA fosters and promotes industry- wide innovation and advancement towards excellence.

GWSCA has grown in many ways since I became a member more than a decade ago. From providing corporate training to organizations looking to enhance capabilities in the warranty and service contract industries to guiding them through the Warranty Maturity Model, GWSCA has been at the forefront of innovative ways to help companies evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their warranty and service contract products and programs. GWSCA’s annual conference is the culmination of its efforts, allowing service professionals to network with others in their field and related field and aims to bring professionals together to discuss best practices and innovations. Moving forward, I invite each of you to reach out and let me know how GWSCA can better serve the industry, in general, and more specifically, its members, in our united quest to advance all aspects of the warranty and service contract industry. I’m proud of GWSCA’s contribution to the progress made in this industry in the last few years and am excited to forge ahead with our goals to further unite the professionals who work together in this area. To that end, I ask you: if you were to create an organization for professionals in the warranty and service contract industries, what would it look like? What services would it offer to its members? What topics would you like to see covered in its publications and at its conferences? How would you like to network with other members or learn about what others are doing to innovate within the industry?

GWSCA’s goal is to help those in the warranty and service sectors to innovate, educate and advance. If we can help you do that in any way, please reach out to me at Or leave a comment here on this post. Hope to talk to you soon.

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