Opening a lane for driverless cars


Lawmakers in both the Senate and House think its time for the federal automotive regulations to catch up with the advances made in autonomous car technology. Citing the technology’s promise to reduce preventable deaths on the nation’s roadways, carmakers are calling for changes to federal regulations they claim inhibit the introduction of driverless vehicles. Examples of regulations being targeted are those that require all vehicles to have steering wheels and brake pedals, which presume the need for a human driver. Lawmakers are listening.

Lawmakers have also heard automakers calls for federal and state authorities to work together to develop a cohesive national regulatory framework and avoid creating a patchwork of laws that varies from state-to-state.

Uber is currently utilizing driverless cars (with a human backup driver) in Pittsburgh and Lyft is looking to conduct a pilot program in a major U. S. city later this year. Your first ride in an autonomous vehicle may be just around the corner.

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