About This Blog

Driving Value is the product of a group of Segal McCambridge attorneys who provide client counseling, litigation, and other services in the areas of warranty and service contract development, management, and administration. Paul Wojcicki, who leads the group and is the blog administrator, has practiced in the warranty and service contract areas for more than 20 years.  Paul also currently serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Global Warranty and Service Contract Association.

Our team works with clients in a variety of industries in connection with warranty and service contract litigation as well as every aspect of program development and administration, including policy formulation, contract drafting, employee training, and regulatory compliance.

We launched Driving Value to provide a place for warranty and service contract professionals to pursue and acquire knowledge and information they can use daily to improve their current programs and to develop new and innovative ways to achieve the company’s overarching business goals and aspirations.  While we will have guest bloggers, the Segal McCambridge warranty and service contract attorneys will be the primary contributors to this blog.  We will, of course, regularly write about the legal rules, regulations, and requirements with which warranty and service contract professionals and programs must comply.  But we will also place special emphasis on providing insight into dealing with the business realities warranty and service contract professionals face.  In this way, we hope our efforts do indeed drive value for our readers.

We  encourage our readers to engage by submitting a post, suggesting topics, posing questions, commenting, and critiquing.  Anyone interested in doing any of these things – or, for that matter, something else to add to the mix – should contact Paul Wojcicki.

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