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The Redefinition of Warranty

warrdrivessalesOriginally defined as a moral obligation, warranty has evolved into a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience, which in turn drives sales.   Continue reading


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Customer Experience Hypo: What should the rental-car company do for Stan?


At this very moment a good friend of mine is in a dust-up with a rental car company. After hearing (my friend’s version of) “the facts,” and harkening back fondly to my law school days, I thought his tale just might make an interesting hypothetical to launch a discussion on “customer experience,” and I’m hoping the reader(s) of this blog will chime in. Continue reading

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Groundhog Day: Another piece questioning the value of extended warranties


The same article keeps popping up every other week or so in one publication or another. Its headline either asks if extended warranties are worth the cost or screams they are not. It gives the same advice – “buy smart” – and generally reaches the same conclusion on whether you should buy a service contract – “It depends”. See here, then here, here, herehere, and here.  Why is somebody always picking on extended warranties?

Here are 5 reasons why I think extended warranties make an easy target. Continue reading

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Don’t fear the recall

In a recent interview, former GM CEO, Bob Lutz, observed that recalls “captivate the media, but the U.S. public absolutely couldn’t care less.” Yet for many product makers, the prospect of a safety recall sends a chill down the spines and a queasy feeling into the guts of the folks in C-suite as well as the legal, marketing, and finance departments.
I think Lutz may be on to something. Continue reading

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