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Legionnaires’ Disease Poses Liability Risk to Product Manufacturers


A recent outbreak in the South Bronx claimed 12 lives, left another 120 victims infected and put Legionnaires’ Disease back in the headlines. Besides being potentially fatal, LD poses a serious product liability and warranty liability risk to the manufacturer of any product that holds or stores water. This group includes manufactures of HVAC equipment, water heaters, water tanks, plumbing fixtures and supplies and companies that include these items in their products, such as mobile home, motorhome and travel trailer makers. But once appreciated the liability risk can be effectively managed. Here are a few things you should know about the disease and some suggestions for managing the liability risk it poses. Continue reading

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GUEST POST: Is Your Recall a Crisis? Only if you Handle it Wrong

flaming car
GUEST BLOGGER:  Jim Martinez, RightStoryGroup

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a car, truck or recreational vehicle company? Recall, right?

Not necessarily. Continue reading

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